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UK Company Directors


In order to register a limited company at least one person must agree to be its director.

A director is a person or company who is charged with running the business and is obligated to do so to the best of their abilities.

Age of a UK Company Director

To be a UK company director, the person must generally be over the age of 16. Younger people can be appointed if the shareholders believe that the person’s age would not hinder their ability to perform the normal duties usually expected for the role.

For Scottish companies, the minimum age of 16 for a director is enforced strictly and the option of shareholder consent can not override this requirement.

Nationality of a UK Company Director

There is a common misconception that directors of UK limited companies must be resident in the England, Wales or Scotland.

There is no such UK requirement which states where a director must live. A person applying to become a director of a company can be resident in any country in the world.

Disqualified UK Directors

Disqualified directors are prohibited from acting in that capacity for any UK company until such time as their disqualification period has lapsed.

In addition to not be able to take the title of company director, such persons are also unable to act in a capacity which would normally be expected of someone who held the official title.

More than one Company Director

Although the regulations governing companies state that there must be a minimum of one director at all times, there is no maximum limit which is prescribed.

More than one Role within the Company

A person acting as director may also be the secretary and / or the shareholder of the company at the same time.

In situations where the director and secretary is the same person, there would have to be another person who is a director for this to comply with the law.

Appointing a UK Company Director

The appointment of a director can be carried out using one of two methods, either online or via a PDF Form AP01 or AP02 (previously Form 288a prior to 1 October 2009 under the Companies Act 1985).

Appointing a company director online is generally quicker and can be approved by Companies House on the same day. The downloaded PDF form can take as long as two weeks to be sanctioned.

In both cases, following the approval of the appointment, it would be some days before the change is reflected on the Companies House database.

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