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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
Feedback :
Thank you Leon, your service is outstanding! Alex      

Testimonials - Complete Formations


Complete Formations are always eager to receive feedback from our customers on how they found the company formation process.

We are of course delighted by comments which praise the hard work we have put in to our customer service and system to make the setting up of a company as simple as possible.

If you have any feedback or would like to add to our testimonials please do not hesitate to contact us.

Simon Hardings, Company Formation Manager.


Thank you for all the help and support you gave me in forming my first company. Your patience and understanding was far and above what I normally receive when buying online. George, Brighton.

I could not believe it! The process was so simply and completed within 3 hours. Definitely a model for others to follow.

Paul, Reading.

My company took only one hour and twenty three minutes to setup. I must tell you how impressed I was with the ease and guidance involved in completing the online registration forms.

Your company administration section is such a good idea and helped a novice like me to do it all.

Thank you, David, Bristol.

Dear Complete Formations

I have been forming UK companies for clients for over five years now and I must say that your system is by far the most straight-forward I have seen.

It is also nice to see a little imagination being put in to product names.

Michael, Truro.

Hello Complete Formations

Thank you for the information and help in forming my first company. UK companies are much easier to incorporate than the ones in Germany and your site gave me all the guidance and answered all my questions. I will recommend you to others.

Hans, Germany.

Having been unsure about the process of setting up my own company, I would like to thank Complete Formations for making it such an easy set up.  The process was quick and easy to follow. The response by email was also very prompt and any queries were followed up with clear guidance and urgency.
Susanne, Warwick.

I found the website clear and succinct.  All queries I had were answered quickly and sensitively.
Robert, Chester.

Thank you for all the information that is available on your website.  It has allowed me to form my company with ease, knowing exactly where I was and where was going. 
Clive, Norwich.

Complete Formations is a wealth of knowledge.  Any question I had, I found the answer. There is so much useful information on the site.
Thank you, Bridget, Durham.

I like the format of the site. Bright, informative and welcoming, I gad no problems finding the details to help me make an informed choice. I have recommended Complete Formations to all friends as I know they too will find it useful.
Andy, Stirling.

I see that you already have testimonials complimenting your company formation system, and rightly so, it’s superb.
I would just like to say thank you to Vicky and Simon who provided friendly and considerate aid to me. Their explanations were clear, concise and surprisingly unbiased. I’m sure that aspect of your service is appreciated by many of your customers.
Ben, London.

No frills, no elaborate and confusing maze of pages, just a step by step logical structure which anyone can follow. That is what I wanted and that is what Complete Formations gave me. Top marks. Daniel, Harrow.

The last company I formed cost me £250 with my accountant. I thought the process required specialist knowledge and skills. I now know just how simple it is. Joseph, Dorchester.

I kept waiting for the catch. Now that I have seen my company on the Companies House register, I had to conclude that there isn’t one. You do exactly what you say you will and I’m happy. Sophie, Bromley.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me register my company. If all the other parts of my business operate a smoothly as this did, I will be flying high within the year. Claire, Kingston.

I had been researched incorporating a company for some time but after reading your Getting Started page, I really thought that I had missed something. I didn’t. I found it worked just as you described, nothing more, nothing less. Angela, Cardiff.

Compared to my last company formation which took two and half weeks, I think I will use yours for now on. Three hours works for me better. Paula, Leicester.

Imaginative package names to match the imagination I hope to bring to my business. The company setup system is excellent, the site information ten out of ten. Gary, Isle of Man.

Thanks for all your help, everything I ordered arrived in good condition the following day. I would recommend Complete Formations to anyone. Marcus, Italy.

In my book the results I received were exactly equal to your promises. It is obvious that you have put a lot of effort in to perfecting your formation system. I certainly appreciate and have benefited from that. Jodie, Oxford.

You give customer support on a Saturday? I was expecting to have to wait until Monday for a reply. Thanks, that was a nice surprise. Chris, Winchester.
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