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Supporting Evidence and Information


When registering a company which contains a reserved or sensitive word in the name Companies House will in most situations, require supporting information and evidence that the word or name is appropriate for the particular company in question.

There are certainly varying degrees of supporting information which might be required, depending primarily on the perceived sensitivity of the word or name in the distinct circumstances.

At one end of the spectrum supporting information requirements can be satisfied simply at the time of the company formation by the individual registering the entity without referral to a third party.

Some examples of where this type of supporting evidence might be appropriate is during the registration of a company with the word “Group” or “International” in the name. In such situations the person merely has to state on the company incorporation application the names of additional companies or the countries in which commercial activities will be based.

Letters of Non-objection

In other incidences, the supporting information requirements may be more arduous and make it necessary for the company incorporation application to include third party evidence.

Such an endorsement usually takes the form of a letter of non-objection where an authorising body signifies their approval (or rather, specifically states that they do not disapprove) of the word or phrase being used as stated in the company formation application.

The reason for the letter of non-objection process being more burdensome is that it usually requires the applicant to write to or at least email their request to the appropriate authority and then wait while some form of assessment is made of their case.

This need not necessarily be a drawn-out proceeding but it will, almost always take at least some days before the desired supporting evidence in the form of a letter of non-objection is prepared and then received.

In specific circumstances obtaining supporting information can result in a significant postponement of the company registration application being submitted.

This can be due to the high levels of restriction placed on certain words in the company name. In an alternative context lead times may be extended whilst gaining sufficient information on the identity of the appropriate governing body whom Companies House would affirm as the authoritative organisation.

In the first scenario, obtaining a letter of non-objection to provide adequate supporting information for a word such as “National” would typically take longer due to the gravity and consequence of the title. When registering a company using such a word it is commonplace to provide a detailed and comprehensive library of documents to further the arguments for the use of the word.

Thus those responsible for the review process would almost certainly embark on a more elongated and thorough inspection before arriving at their final determination. 

In companies seeking to launch in to innovative business territories, their particular industry might not have developed adequately to have established the pertinent governing bodies. Thus obtaining supporting evidence by way of a letter of non-objection might require the applicants to seek endorsements from alternative organisations that are not fundamentally engaged or experienced in the field in question.

Submitting Supporting Information and Evidence

Submitting supporting information to Companies House is often carried out electronically where the volume of the evidence can be transmitted without exceeding the size restriction on the incorporation system.

As most requirements for supporting evidence usually takes the form of a single letter or email it can simply be attached to the company registration application and accompany it through the formation process.

Exceptionally, separate emails and or physical documents may be required where the sensitivity of the name is high and warrants substantial and exhaustive supporting information in order to successfully incorporate the company.

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