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Starting a New Business


Starting a new business can be both an exciting prospect and a frightening experience.

The enthusiasm and exhilaration might come from the prospect of working for yourself for the first time. The chance to be in control of ones working life and to gain greater control over the outcome of your efforts would appeal to most people.

The frightening element might exist as the person glances in to the unknown and compared this to their current employment, where they have certainty of income and the tasks they undertake.

Employment vs. Starting a Business

Despite the attractions of starting a new business, experience often shows that working for yourself involves dedicating greater effort and time to the business than the person would normally have to do in employment.

Most small business start-ups in the UK begin their life with one main person running it. Resources, particularly money are often scarce meaning that the owner may have to forego the luxury of hiring staff and conduct the entire operation on their own.

Instead of having one job, the person might now have three or four including those of sales and marketing, purchasing, administration and strategic management.

Business start up might involve spending a certain amount of time in each role on a daily basis and the times when the person must switch from one to the other may become confusing and mentally draining.

Do Not Despair

Despite the fact that hard work will be probably always be a crucial factor in a successful business start up, there are a great deal of benefits which can only be derived from self employment.

Having greater control over ones destiny is a big perk. Another is being able to prove to yourself and perhaps others that you have what is takes to succeed.

As more and more people start their own business (as is the current trend), there will continue to be an ever increasing abundance of resources, guidance and information available to help guide them on their way.

Not everyone will succeed, nor will those who do all make a fortune. Most will however probably find that once they have taken the decision to start a new business, realise that it might well be the best decision they have ever taken.

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