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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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Simple Times Limited
As a ready made company formed in February 2015 Simple Times Limited is a ready made UK company with GBP 1 share capital and is for sale by Complete Formations.

Single Director Companies
Single Director Companies. From October 2008 companies can longer be the sole director. The Companies Act 2006 will only allow a natural Person to be the single company director.

Site Map
The Complete Formations site map provides access website pages which include information and resources on starting a small business.

Small and Medium Sized Companies
The Companies Act permits small and medium sized companies to take advantage of certain exemptions and sets out the criteria for qualifying as either entity.

Small Step For Mankind
Setting up a new business can be a difficult step to take. One of our visitors gives their opinion on taking the steps and dealing with the risks of being your own boss.

Solar Flaire Limited
Solar Flaire Limited is a ready made company with a registration date of 10 July 2014 and can be purchased from Complete Formations.

Sole Traders
Sole traders are unincorporated business. Starting business as a sole trader involves very few formalities however they do not enjoy limited liability as companies do.

Solving General Problems
Most problems which occur when using a company formation system can be solved by deleting internet cookies and beginning the process again.

Solving the Problem of Using an Ampersand
When a company formation name search fails to recognise an ampersand, there might be ways of bypassing the name checking procedures. The company registration agent will be able to advise.

Soul Seeker Limited
Soul Seeker Limited id a UK pre-registered company which was set-up in September of 2015 With a sole share in issue, it can be transferred to new owners in just 24 hours.

Sound Prospects Limited
Sound Prospects Limited is part of the Complete Formations selection of ready made companies. The company has not traded since its incorporation date in February 2014.

Stamp Duty on Shares
Stamp duty can be payable on the purchase and transfer of shares of UK limited companies. No stamp duties are incurred on company set-up when allocations are made to subscribers.

Starting a New Business
Starting a new business has both exciting a frightening aspects to it. Business Start-up usually involves a great deal more work than being in employment.

Statement of Capital
Information on completing a Statement of Capital for a UK limited company is provided in this article together with detailed guidance and examples for successfully filling in SOC share attributes.

Statutory Books and Records
Statutory books and records must be kept at a company's registered office. A company register is normally used to keep the book and records in order.

Statutory Company Register
The 2024 company register is perfect for organising and storing the statutory records of a business. As a purpose made item, the register contains sections covering each area of the company and its official legal records.

Steady Streams Limited
Steady Streams Limited with company number 08267081 was incorporated on 24 October 2012 with a single issued share. This ready made company can be purchase in the Complete Formations Online Company Shop.

Stock Transfer Form

Submitting a Full List of Shareholders
A full of list of company shareholders is required to be provided on the first annual return and then on every third one thereafter. Where there is a large number of such persons and with prior approval, details can be sent on a CD or DVD.

Subscribers are the original shareholders of a UK ltd company. At least one share must be taken by the subscriber before Companies House will incorporate the business.

Successful VAT Application
Adding credibility to your VAT registration application can assist your company during the HM Revenue and Customs assessment procedures. HMRC seek to identify credible VAT applications by viewing a number of planning to trade attributes.

Summary Screen

Sunshine Shining Limited
The readymade company Sunshine Shining Limited was registered in June 2012 and bears the incorporation number 08103390. This dormant company is available to purchase from Complete Formations.

Supporting Evidence and Information
Supporting information provides the necessary evidence that a word in a company name is appropriately used. A letter of non-objection is a form of supporting evidence with can be submitted with the company formation application to Companies House.

Tangible Success Limited
Tangible Success Limited was registered on 11 February 2016 with a single share issued. This readymade company is available for purchase as part of a wide selection of UK pre-formed companies provided by Complete Formations.

Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions detail the website usage policy should be viewed by all visitors to Complete Formations. They exist to protect the domain and its material.

Terms of Sale
The terms of sale detail important information relating to our procedures and stance regarding items sold on our site. These include definitions and changes to our terms.

We are always keen to receive feedback on our service, company formation system and how we might improve any aspect of the customer experience. We work hard continuously to ensure that setting up a company is as simple as possible.

Thank You
Thank you for submitting a comment to Complete Formations. Our staff will soon receive your email and will begin working hard to provide an appropriate response.

The Dance School Ltd
The Dance School Ltd, formed in September 2009 and is one of the most exclusive ready formed companies waiting to be purchased from Complete Formations.

The Drama School Ltd
Complete Formations offer the off-the-shelf company The Drama School Ltd, incorporated in January 2011 with a single issued share.

The Role of Nominees
The role of a nominee is traditional a ceremonial one. Private arrangements for company nominee services can extend these duties to other areas of the business.

Things You Might Need - Computers
There are a certain items which might be required so that a new company can begin trading. Consideration of computers and protecting the sensitive data on them might be high on the list of things to do.

Things You Might Need - Stationery
The decision of what, how much and where to buy stationery for a new company should be taken after considering the requirements of the business. Bulk discounts and the availability of efficient stock control mechanisms might be significant factors.

Time After Time Limited
The pre-registered Company Time After Time Limited was set-up on 9 January 2015 and is available for sale. The company has never traded and has been dormant since its incorporation.

Time To Start Limited
Time to Start is a pre-formed limited company available for purchase. The company was first registered in February 2009 and has a single share in issue.

TM01 Termination of Director

TM02 Termination of Secretary

Totally Focused Limited
Totally Focused Limited with its atmospheric sounding name is an off the shelf ready made company incorporated in 31/10/2014 with company number 09290442.

Trading Standards and Descriptions
Trading Standards mandates that descriptions given to products and services should be accurate and fair. These apply to advertising, written and spoken representations.

Transferring Ownership of a Ready Made Company
The transfer of a ready made company from a seller to a purchaser requires the current director and secretary to resign and shares to be given to the new members.

Transferring Shares
There are a number of differences between transferring existing company shares and the issue of new shares by way of an allotment. A stock transfer forma or a SH01 document can facilitate the relevant choice.

Types of UK Companies
There are several different kinds of companies in the UK. Choosing the right type of company is an important decision and adequate consideration should be given to the task.

UK Companies Formed

UK Company Directors
Registering a UK company requires at least one person to be a director. There is guidance on age, nationality, disqualification and appointing UK company directors.

UK Company Formation Packages
Our UK company formation products offer good value for money and high levels of customer service. Complete Formations, providing cheap business incorporation and registration packages and services.

UK Company Numbers
Scottish company numbers have the prefix SC to signify their origin, whilst both English and Welsh companies have no such attribute to highlight their registered country.

UK Limited Companies
Limited companies in the UK restrict the liability of the shareholders. There are a number of requirements to fulfil in order to register a UK Ltd company.

UK Limited Company Set-up
UK company set-up involves the incorporation of a business as a separate legal entity. Regulation inherent in setting up a limited company might be viewed as a positive.

Unique Creations Ltd
Good For Food Limited was set-up in January 2016 as a ready made limited company and was located incorporation reference 09976125 and is on offer from Complete Formations

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