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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
Feedback :
I have been forming UK companies for clients for over five years and I must say that your system is by far the most straight-forward I have seen. Michael, Truro.      

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Registered Office Addresses
Every UK company must have a registered office address in England, Wales or Scotland. Registered Offices can be sited at a one of a company's trading or business addresses.

Registering Additional Company Names
Protecting a business name by registering additional companies may enable businesses to reduce the chances of others setting up using a similar name to theirs.

Registering a Branch or Place of Business
Where there is an established branch or place of business or frequent UK trading from a designated location an oversea company is required to register with Companies House.

Registering a Company for Payroll and PAYE
Newly formed companies should begin the process of registering for payroll and PAYE when it is clear that they intend making payments to employees, including directors.

Registering a Company Limited by Guarantee
When registering a company limited by guarantee, the change type section can be used. The reminder of the process is the same for any other type of company formation.

Registering a Company Name
The regulations regarding registering a company name include selecting one which is unique. Conducting a name search should provide information on which are available.

Registering a Company Name
Registering a company name is a means which sole traders and partnerships use in protecting their business trading names and thus preventing others from doing so.

Registering a Sole Trader Business
Registering a business as a sole trader is very different from that of incorporating a company. Formation agents generally do not provide services for sole traders.

Registering a UK Company whilst Living Abroad
A director, secretary or shareholder of a UK company can be resident anywhere in the world. Being Non UK residenr and living outside the UK does not restrict them from being part of a company.

Registering an Existing Company Name
Registering a UK company with an existing name will not be permitted by Companies House. Existing company names can not be used until that business has been dissolved.

Registering Similar Company Names
Registering a company name which is similar to an existing one is known as passing off. Companies with the similar names can raise an objection to have the name changed.

Our renewals page enables our existing customers to continue their yearly services. We advise that payments are made in good time in order to ensure that there are no interruptions to your company.

Reserved Word International Template
International is a reserved and sensitive word. Supporting information is needed in order to have the company registered with that word included.

Reserved Word Scotland and Scottish Template
In order to use the words Scotland or Scottish in a company name, supporting information is required to be sent with the incorporation application.

Reserved Word Wales and Welsh Template
Wales and Welsh are reserved and sensitive words. When using either or both in a company name supporting information should be sent to Companies House justifying their use.

Residence of a Company Director
The residence of person is not normally a factor on whether they can be a director of a UK company. Many non UK resident persons are currently UK company directors.

Revenue and Customs HMRC
Corporation tax, PAYE and VAT are all dealt with by Revenue and Customs. HMRC will want to be aware of all UK company formation and registrations so that the appropriate tax notices can be issued.

Role of the Nominee Secretary
Nominee secretaries and their role and duties are an area of popular misconception. Those with a nominee secretary often expect them to adopt a company secretarial role.

Run Up The Flag Limited
Run Up The Flag Limited is a ready made business formed through the Complete Formations company incorporation service with a registration date of 22 April 2014.

Running a Company from Home
Many owners of new internet based companies choose to run the business from home. The cost savings and convenience as strong factor which make working from home attractive.

Running a Company Payroll Scheme
Companies can opt to have their payroll scheme managed in-house or by an external bureau. Each has the potential to provide timely and accurate salary, PAYE and National insurance calculations.

Safeguards to Buying Ready Made Companies
Due to the risks of buying a ready made a purchaser may wish to obtain warrantees, deeds of indemnity and pay by instalments in order to limit potential losses.

Same Day Company Formation
A same day company formation ?24.99. Applications should be submitted to Companies House no later than 3 PM in order to be guaranteed that incorporation will take place. Late submissions of same day formations may still be registered in time or rejected completely or placed in a queue to be set-up in the next working period.

Same Day LLP Professional Incorporation Service
The same day Limited Liability Partnership registration service provides a quick and efficient way of forming an LLP, carried out by one of our professional team.

Sample Deed of Indemnity Agreement Part 1
Example of a deed of indemnity agreement for nominee services - part 1 of 3. The text is adjusted for a nominee director, secretary, or shareholder arrangement.

Sample Deed of Indemnity Agreement Part 2
Deed of indemnity clauses contain the provisions relating to an agreement between a company formation agent and the purchasers of nominee services. Example Part 2 of 3.

Sample Letter of Indemnity Agreement Part 3
A letter of indemnity can be used to clarify the basis of agreement between parties. Nominee services use letters of indemnity to solidify the contractual obligations.

Sands of Time Ltd
The ready made company Sands of Time Ltd was incorporated on 11 January 2016 and forms part of t6he Complete Formations pre-registered company selection.

Scottish Companies
A Scottish company is one which has its registered office in Scotland. Setting up Scottish companies does not require additional disclosures, administration or fees.

The Complete Formations site search enables users to find relevant information quickly irrespective of where it is located on the website.

Second Sunrise Limited
Second Sunrise Limited, company number 08297905 was set-up in November 2012 with a single share in issue. This off the shelf company is one of a selection of entities available from Complete formations.

Section 30 - Omitting the Words Limited and LTD
Section 30 - 60 allows the word limited or ltd to be omitted from a company name. Section 30 applies to companies limited by guarantee and covers Welsh cyfyngedig and cyf.

Secure Pay Solutions Limited
Secure Pay Solutions Limited is a pre-formed company registered on 27 February 2014 with incorporation number 8915914. It is available to purchase.

Security Questions

Sending Documents to Companies House
Documents sent to Companies House should be of a particular quality so that they are clear and legible. Any items which do not meet these criteria will likely be returned.

Sensitive and Reserved Words
Reserved and sensitive words when used in a company name, require justification to be sent to Companies house before the company can be set-up.

Sensitive Word Group (Companies) Template
When using the word Group (of companies) in a name, supporting information is required for this reserved and sensitive word.

Setting up a Company with Nominees
Setting up a company with nominees was standard practice. Today electronic formations allow purchasers to appoint officers to hold original positions in the company.

Setting Up a Limited Liability Partnership
Setting up a limited liability partnership can be a shrewd business move, and today it is easier than ever to do it

Setting up a UK Company
Setting up a UK limited company. UK company formation agents services for the set-up and incorporation of companies electronically via Companies House.

Seychelles Offshore Companies
Seychelles offshore companies from Complete Formations enjoy tax-exempt status, whilst having no minimum share capital requirements. Incorporating an offshore company in the Seychelles provides both a flexible and modern International Business Corporation.

SH01 Return of Allotment of Shares

Share Certificates

Share Ledger

Share Premium
A Share premium is the difference between the costs of a share over and above its nominal value. A share premium account records the total amount excess monies received.

Shares and Shareholders
Company Shareholders own shares in UK limited companies. The amount of a company owned by a person is dependent on the percentage of the share capital held by them.

Should I Trade as a Company or as a Sole Trader?
The decision whether to start trading using a company or as a sole trader might depend on several factors including limited liability, flexibility and taxation.

SIC Codes
Companies House SIC codes are used to describe the nature of a company's principle business activities and are included on the annual return document. New SIC codes are being introduced in November 2011 and will then be 5 digit numbers.

Sigma Company Set up
The Sigma company set-up package is a complete product providing printed documents together with a stylist company register for your statutory records and books.

Sigma Easy Formation Service
An easy way for new or inexperienced people to form a company and obtain a comprehensive and complete company formation package.

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