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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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Offensive Company Names
A company name must not be abusive, offensive to others or illegal. Any such names will be rejected by Companies House on the ground that they are inappropriate.

Offshore Company Formation
Set-up offshore companies for 499 inclusive. Professional offshore company formation, registration and incorporation services with a range of jurisdictions.

Offshore Company Formations
Our offshore company formations start from just 499. All packages include a comprehensive guide for new users on running offshore companies as well as other essential material.

Omega Company Formations
Our Omega company formations service is our premier package and provides a Regent Street registered office address at a discounted price. A popular incorporation choice.

Omega Easy Formation Service
The Omega formation service is an all-inclusive managed company registration service providing a Regent Street registered office address and full incorporation documentation.

Online Forms vs. Paper
Forms can be filed online electronically or on paper for the appointment of a UK director or secretary. Comparing the methods of filing the Companies House forms.

Online Purchases and Payments Policy
The purchases and payments terms stipulate our policy on item bought online. Where this is relevant to visitors, the contents should be read and understood before proceeding.

Online Signatures and Security Questions
Online signatures are playing an increasing role in internet transactions. Security questions are used for UK limited company formations to consent to an appointment.

Other Drawbacks of Ready Made Companies
The costs of buying a ready made company are usually more than for new limited companies. Another drawback is that they may also fall to give a stable, secure impression

Panama Offshore Companies
Panama offshore companies enjoy one of the strongest anonymity shields available to International Business Corporations. A panama offshore company can hold investments and be used for trading purposes.

Partly Paid-up Share Capital
Partly paid-up share capital exists when some monies payable for a company's allotment remain outstanding. Partly paid shares arise when they are payable by instalments.

Partnership vs Limited Company
There are several differences between partnerships and limited companies. These areas include the extent to which liability is limited and the taxation of the businesses.

Partnerships, trading as a partnership involved two or more people agreeing to set-up an unincorporated business as partners whether with limited liability or as a traditional entity.

Paying Corporation Tax
Corporation tax should be paid before the due date by using online payments facilities or by post. Repayments are made automatically and can be remitted directly in to a company bank account.

Paying For Shares
Paying for shares taken in UK limited companies can take a number of forms. The consideration might be cash, a share exchange, services or the reduction in a debt owed.

Payroll Annual Returns
Companies are obligated to prepare and submit annual returns for their payroll which show the yearly totals amounts due and payments made. These can be submitted online.

Payroll Payments
Payments to employees and Revenue and Customs are regular parts of a company payroll scheme. The national minimum wage should be borne in mind when setting wage levels.

Play on Words Limited
Play on Words Limited is a readymade limited company incorporated in May 2016. It forms one of the Complete Formations selection of existing companies.

Positive Channels Limited
Positive Channels Limited is an off the shelf company from Complete Formations registered in January 2016 with a single share which can be increased if required.

Post Company Formation
Welcome to post company formation. This section of the site provides information, guidance and resources for newly registered companies on how to get up and running.

Postal Deposit
Our mail forwarding postal deposit page enables our current business mail customers to make a contribution to the costs of posting items to them.

Pre-emption Rights
Pre-emption rights is a statutory provision stating that an issue of new shares in a limited company must be offered to existing members before outside parties can subscribe.


Preparing a Business Plan
When seeking external finance, a new company will often be required to prepare a business plan in order to demonstrate that the business is offering a realistic proposition.

Prices and Payments
The policies relating to prices displayed on Complete Formations are described, together with those covering the supply of goods and offline purchases and payment terms.

Primed & Ready Limited
The off the shelf company Primed & Ready Limited was formed in January 2016 and has been dormant since that time. It is available to buy form Complete Formation, the premier provider of readymade UK companies.

Privacy Policy
The privacy policy of describes the use we might of any information we receive whilst visitors are using the website. The reading of this document is strongly advised.

Property Transactions
Readymade companies are frequently used in property transactions. Buying a business asset with a clean off-the-shelf company is commonplace in UK commercial dealings.

Proving Share Ownership
Proving share ownership and providing sufficient evidence of who a company shareholders are has become more difficult under the Companies Act 2006. Memorandum of Association no longer contains information about shareholding which can make meeting the banks requirements difficult.

Public Limited Companies
On formation of a Public limited company, there is a requirement to have at least 50,000 worth of issued shares. PLCs are also obligated to submit full statutory accounts.

Purchasing Nominee Services
Company formation agents sometimes provide nominee director services for UK limited companies. Using a Nominee director for anonymity and identity protection.

Qoppa Company Formation
The Qoppa package is our basic UK incorporation, offering a three hour company formation with electronic documents for 14.99.

Qoppa Easy Formation Service
The Qoppa Easy Formation Service provides a fully registered company facility for just 24.99 and is a simple company registration solution for beginners.

Quick Quiz Questions and Answers
Answers to our company formation quick quiz are provided so that participants can check the responses to the questions and increase their knowledge on how the registration of UK companies works in practice.

Raising Finance
Many newly incorporated companies look to raise finance so that they can achieve their set-up goals. It is important that the company understands its funding requirements before approaching potential financiers.

RBS Business Banking - FREE
The free Royal Bank of Scotland business bank account introduction service from Complete Formations can enable new companies to take advantage of a host of benefits including free day to day banking and the RBS alert service.

Ready Made Companies
Ready made companies are those which have been registered on a prior date. An off the shelf company which has aged might be perceived as being a more stable entity.

Ready Made Companies
Complete Formations provides a range of UK ready made companies which can be purchased from our online company shop. The transfer process is both simple and quick.

Ready Made Companies
Ready made and off-the-shelf companies. Buying a readymade or off-the-shelf package can be the preferred option to registering or setting up a new company.

Ready Made Companies with Bank Accounts - Fact or Fiction
Some view ready made companies with bank accounts as a means to avoid credit scoring tests. In reality a ready made company may not solve all credit problems as the banks are becoming wiser.

Ready Made Company with VAT Registration
Ready made companies may have benefits including VAT registration and bank accounts already set-up, and a trading history. Advantages of an off-the shelf company.

Ready Made vs. New Ltd Companies
Comparing ready made to setting up new UK limited companies. Differences between buying a readymade or off-the-shelf business to incorporating a new limited company.

Refund Policy
This document sets out our refunds policy as related to purchases made through the website. It also details our procedures in the event of an amendment to an order.

Regent Street Address Services
Our Regent Street address can be used as a company registered office and for London mail forwarding. This London W1 mailing address can enhance any company's image.

Regent Street Mail Forwarding Renewal New
Renew your Mail Forwarding services at our prestigious Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London offices. Your letters will continue to be sorted daily and despatched to you promptly.

Regent Street Registered Office
Regent Street is one of the most highly sought after registered office locations in the world. Just off Oxford Street, this central London address is a compliment to any company.

Regent Street Registered Office and Mail Forwarding New
Renewing your existing service with our Combined Registered Office and Mail Forwarding facility provides you with our new Third Floor, 207 Regent Street London address and ensures the timely sorting and despatch of both statutory and business letters.

Regent Street Registered Office Renewal New
Regent Street Registered Office Renewal - Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London W1

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