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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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Limited Liability Companies
Limited liability companies are a common choice among UK entrepreneurs. A ltd company might provide some protection of personal assets and wealth form creditors.

Limited Liability Partnerships
Professional Limited Liability Partnership registration & formation, set-up for just 79.99 including all LLP incorporation and set-up fees and documentation. Same day formation service available.

Limited Liability Partnerships - Get a Same Day Service
You may think that limited liability partnership formation is something that takes a lot of time, but in fact this service can be performed within one day if you contact the right firm.

LLAD01 Change of Registered office Address of a Limited Liability Partnership

LLAP01 Appointment Of Member Of A Limited Liability Partnership

Lloyds Business Banking - FREE
The Free Lloyds Business Bank Account referral service is part of the Complete Formations new company bank account opening facility. At no cost to the customer a dedicated business team member from Lloyds make contact to discuss banking arrangements for your new company.

LLP Formation & UK Companies
When comparing UK limited liability partnership formation with that of UK companies there are several similarities and differences which become apparent. This article provides a comparison of some of these areas so that visitors can choose between setting up an LLP and opting to setup a company.

LLP Professional Incorporation Service
Complete Formations professional online LLP incorporation service provides a new Limited Liability Partnership registration in approximately 4 - 8 hours inclusive of all fees.

London Mail Forwarding
Our London mail forwarding service allows companies to use our Regent Street offices as their UK virtual office business mailing address. Based in London W1.

London Registered Office
Central London registered office addresses at Regent Street and York Street W1. Close to the City of London for new and existing companies with quick set-up facilities.

Loose Leaf Company Registers
Our loose leaf company registers provide a flexible means for keeping company statutory books & records. Looseleaf binder registers are available for immediate despatch and are available in a choice of blue and red.

Managed VAT Registration Service
A qualified Accountant will review and submit your company's VAT registration application for just 89.99, providing complete piece of mind and experienced support.

Managed VAT Registration Service Form
Complete the form to provide us with the necessary information for the managed VAT Registration service. Complete Formations will then submit the details on your behalf.

Maximum Number of Subscribers
Occasionally, a company may wish to include a large number of subscribers in its incorporation application. The maximum number of currently permitted is forty.

Minimum Denomination of a Share
Share denominations on forming a company are usually set at 1. Lower nominal values can be selected if required. Future changes will reduce the current limit further still.

Minutes for Increasing Authorised Share Capital
Minutes of a meeting to increase the amount of authorised share capital by written ordinary resolution. The shares will rank pari passu with existing issues.

Minutes for Issuing Additional Classes of Shares
Issuing additional classes of shares, extraordinary general meeting, special resolution, company's articles of association, Section 80 of the Companies Act 1985.

Minutes of Meetings
Companies keep minutes to document ordinary and special resolutions proposed and passed at meetings. Minutes provide a record and evidence of such events.


Money Laundering Guidance Notes
Money Laundering Procedures laid down by various Government bodies are strictly adhered to at Complete Formations. We aim to ensure both the integrity of our addresses and the quality of clients using our registered office and mail forwarding services.

Money Laundering Regulations
The Money Laundering Regulations of 2007 meant that UK company Formation and registration agents are bound by the Know Your Client rules when they provide registered office or nominee services to customers.

Mortgages and Charges

Mother & Baby Limited
Mother & Baby Limited is a Shelf company formed by Complete Formations in November 2009 and forms part of the list of established Companies available from Complete Formations.

Name Change Minutes
Minutes for changing the name of a company detail the proceedings in which the special resolution for the name change is set before the board of directors at a meeting.

Name Change Resolution
Special resolution for changing the name of a company is required when companies choose to take on new names. Shareholders are required to sign the special resolution.

Name Search Database is Offline
Registering a company at the weekend runs the risk of using an out of date name search database. The company formation request will join a queue at Companies House.

Nationality of a Company Secretary
Nationality of a company secretary will default to British where a value is entered. When registering a company it is not mandatory to enter the nationality for secretaries.

New Years Resolutions
Each year during the Christmas holiday period people consider forming a company as a means of carrying out their resolution to set-up a new business. The realities of returning to work can make put a strain of the new ambitions of becoming self employed.

Nominal Value of Shares
The nominal value of a share represents its book or base amount. Whilst the amount can be changed, most new UK limited companies have a nominal value of ?1 for their shares.

Nominee Agreements
Nominee Arrangements, which consist of deeds of indemnities and powers of attorneys, provides details of the agreement between the nominee and the purchaser.

Nominee Director & Shareholder
Complete Formations offer three company nominee services, those of director, secretary and shareholder. Each can be used individually or collectively with a different nominee type.

Nominee Director Renewal
Nominee Director Renewal

Nominee Director Service
Complete Directors Limited can be appointed as to a company as part of the nominee director service. The service lasts for a full calendar year and is renewable annually.

Nominee Directors
Nominee directors agree to act as company director usually in name only. They would not normally have any involvement in the running of the company as nominees.

Nominee Directors and Company Bank Accounts
Using a nominee director when forming a company might contradict a bank's money laundering regulations and make opening a bank account difficult.

Nominee Secretaries
Nominee secretaries are often used to satisfy the legal requirement for a UK limited company to have a secretary. The nominee normally takes no active role in the business.

Nominee Secretary Renewal
Nominee Secretary Renewal

Nominee Secretary Service
The complete formations nominee secretary service is available to purchase on a yearly basis. It provides the facility for a nominee company to act as a secretary.

Nominee Services
Nominee services. Using nominees as company director, secretary, or shareholder when setting up and registering a UK limited company through a formation agent.

Nominee Shareholder
Nominee shareholders or subscribers are not often used when setting up a company. The ownership of the business can be deemed too important to pass to nominees.

Nominee Shareholder Renewal
Nominee Shareholder Renewal

Nominee Shareholder Service
The nominee shareholder service includes the provision of a company to act as subscriber or owner of the business in question. Purchasers are provided with documents confirming them as the beneficial owners.

Using nominees when incorporating a company can protect the identity of the purchaser. The roles of director, secretary or shareholder can be filled by a nominee.

Non Standard Payments
Customers can use the non standard payment page to make ad-hoc purchases from Complete Formations. All transactions utilise the Worldpay secure payment systems.

Northern Ireland Company Formation
The Companies Act 2006 affects Northern Ireland company formations just as it does with UK incorporated entities. The April 2008 provisions are therefore applicable to Irish companies.

Northern Ireland Registered Office Address
Companies with Northern Ireland registered office address are Irish. Companies House UK can not incorporate a company with an address outside England, Wales or Scotland.

Notarised Documents
This service provides for a notary public to legalise a company's memorandum and articles of association and certificates of good standing and incorporation. Same day notarised service.

Notice Board
Notice Board invites visitors to contribute articles for the benefit of others. The sections will cover a wide variety of company formation subjects and focus on the real experiences which have taken place.

Notification of Company Dissolution
A company which intends to apply for dissolution should take steps to inform interested parties to ensure that any objections are heard and resolved.

Objecting to a Similar Company Name
It is possible for a person to object to a name which is similar to their own on the grounds that people might be mistaken as to the company they are dealing with.

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