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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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Thank you for the information and help in forming my first company. UK companies are much easier to incorporate than the ones in Germany and your site gave me all the guidance and answered all my questions. I will recommend you to others. Hans, Germany.      

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Companies House Form 288b

Companies House Form 88(2)
Form 88(2) is used to inform Companies House that additional company shares have been issued. Guidance and completion notes are provided form filling in Form 88(2).

Companies House Form 88(2)

Companies House Form AD01

Companies House Forms
Companies House forms provide incorporated businesses with a means to effect change. Forms are usually in PDF format and are freely available to download online.

Companies House Late Filing Fees
In the event that a company delivers its annual accounts late, an automatic late filing fee is incurred. The amount of the penalty increases as the length of the non delivery grows.

Companies House Miscellaneous Documents

Companies House Mortgages Charges

Companies House Name Changes

Companies House Statistics
Companies House statistics provide an analysis of the major tasks undertaken by them in each month. Complete Formations has collected certain elements of this data in to a number of table and graphs which shown the volume and variations in the workload of Companies House.

Companies House Statutory Accounts

Companies House UK
Companies House is the UK registrant and incorporation body for businesses wishing to set-up. It has many other functions including regulating company changes.

Companies Limited by Guarantee
UK companies limited by guarantee are usually non-profit making organisations such as clubs or charities. Such a company would have members instead of shareholders.

Companies Limited by Guarantee and by Shares
Companies limited by guarantee and those limited by shares have differences and similarities. The main distinction is that one has members and the other has shareholders

Companies Limited by Shares
Companies limited by shares are a common form of business entity which is incorporated in the UK. Such a company would typically be a profit making organisation.


Company Annual Returns Form 363
The submission of an annual return is required for all UK companies. Form 363 can be delivered electronically or by post with the appropriate Companies House fee attached.

Company Appointments
It is necessary in all cases that the three required company appointments are carried out before the incorporation application can be submitted to Companies House.

Company Brass Plaques
Our exclusive brass plaques are professional custom designed bronze plates for UK companies and bears your company name, incorporation number and country of registration.

Company Directors
Company directors. A company director is responsible to the shareholders and must perform to the best of their abilities. Most Companies are set-up with one or two directors.

Company Dissolution and Striking-off
Professional voluntary company dissolution services, helping with the dissolving of UK companies and their striking off the official Companies House register.

Company Dissolution Services
Our professional dissolution services provide you with complete piece of mind by legally dissolving your company. For a low cost of just 49.99 we take care of the striking-off of UK companies legally and safely.

Company Faqs - About Us
About us. Company FAQS is a free resource on registering and setting up a limited company. It is an unbiased and up-to-date information centre on UK company formation.

Company Formation and Tax Savings
When choosing a tax efficient vehicle with which to trade, some may select the company formation option. Forming a company can save tax and reduce an overall liability.

Company Formation Process
Company formation is the process of sending information to Companies House usually via a company formation agent. Formations can be for one of several types of entity.

Company Formation Statistics
Company formation statistics provides an analysis of the number of business incorporations and set-ups in the UK and includes a comparison by month of Companies House data.

Company Identity Fraud
Instances of company identity fraud where unauthorised appointment are made to a business have increased. All UK company formations are now issued with a Companies House Authentication code to ensure changes can be validated.

Company Information

Company Name
Company Name - When registering a new company, the name selected must adhere to the relevant rules and guidelines in order to obtain Companies House approval.

Company Name Change Express
A Complete Formations express company name change provides a same day service, complete with adjusted memorandum and articles of association and an official name change certificate.

Company Name Change Standard
Our standard service is for non urgent company name changes and is normally completed within 24 hours. All required resolutions and other documents are included.

Company Name is Already Taken
A company name search might display a name as being available when it is in fact already taken by another company. In this instance, there are some options available.

Company Name Search
Our free company name search provides facilities for checking the availability of company names. It is fully functional and completely without any obligation to purchase.

Company Names and Trading As
There is a significant distinction between a company name and the one which might be used in business. Trading as names are regulated under trademarks legislation.

Company Officers
A company officer is a director or secretary of a UK limited company. Company officers also include shadow appointments and others who act on the business' behalf.

Company Pre-registration Details
From the pre-registration detail page the purchase can carry out the tasks of making appointments, changing the registered office address and other functions which they require.

Company Registers
A Company Register can facilitate the orderly maintenance of a business' statutory records. Company registers may contain minutes of meetings and share certificates.

Company Registers and Share Certificates
Buy discounted company registers and share certificates from our online company shop. Each product is purpose made and is sold at consistently low sale prices.

Company Registration
UK Company Registration is one option frequently chosen adopted when setting up a business. The registration requirements for limited companies must be adhered to.

Company Resolutions
A company resolution is a decision to pursue a particular course of action. Special resolutions required at least 75% of votes to pass where as ordinary need only 51%.

Company Restoration Services
Professional company restoration services to provide for the smooth restoring of a dissolved UK company and ensuring its existence since the time of its original incorporation.

Company Seal CS1000
CS1000 company seals are part of the range of high quality UK manufactured products from Complete Formations. This entry level seal is capable of embossing paper of up to 100 grams.

Company Seal CS1100
A mid range company seal made of sturdy materials including a metal base for extra stability. The CS1100 plier model is ideal for embossing important business documents.

Company Seal CS1200
The CS1200 is a stylish company seal attached to a hard wooden base. Similar to our other plier models, the CS1200 can produce distinct markings on paper of up to 100 grams.

Company Seals & Wafers
Company seals and embossing equipment from Complete Formations. Offering a wide range of company seals with Free same day dispatch of all orders received before 2pm for next day delivery.

Company Seals for Images
Bespoke company seals and embossers specially designed to your exact requirements including logos, crests and images. We provide a prompt and professional service to provide hand engraved company seals.

Company Seals Order Details Form
Customers who have purchased a company seal are requested to complete the order details form and provide us with the name and number of the company for which the item was purchased.

Company Secretaries After 6 April 2008
This article examines the role of company secretaries following the 6th April 2008 Companies Act changes. It looks at the effects both for new incorporations and for existing companies.

Company Secretary
Company secretaries. Qualifications necessary to act as a secretary when registering and setting up a private or public UK limited company.

Company Set-up
Welcome to Company Set-up, the section of Complete Formations which provides information and resources relevant to running new companies registered in the UK.

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