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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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Business Start-up Planning
Business start-up planning is an essential area where time and resources should be devoted. This involves looking at business objective and tying in key success features.

Buying a Company Anonymously
From October 2008 buying a company anonymously will be more difficult. The practice of sole corporate directors will cease and require actual persons to be used in formations.

Buying a Company for its Name
Some ready made and off-the-shelf companies have good or cool names. Buying a readymade company for its sought-after name is a common reason for purchasing it.

Buying an Offshore Company
Purchasing an offshore company from Complete Formations is a simple process. Buying offshore companies required only two steps in order to have a completed incorporation.

BVI Offshore Companies
British Virgin Islands offshore companies are among the most secure. Registering a BVI offshore company provides 20 years of tax-free income and capital gains exemptions.

Case Sensitive Company Names
Registering a company in a different case does not distinguish it from the same company name in the opposite upper or lower case letters. The application will be rejected.

Cash and Annual Accounting VAT Schemes
Cash accounting and annual accounting are two VAT schemes widely used in small businesses. They can help to simplify the administration obligations and help with cash flow.

Celestial Dawn Limited
The inspirationally named Celestial Dawn Limited is a pre-formed company from which an exciting business can begin. Registered in January 2016, it can be purchased in moments from Complete Formations.

Centre Align Limited
The ready made company Centre Align Limited being incorporated in September 2015 is a dormant entity provided by Complete Formations as part of its array of pre-formed UK companies.

Certificate of Fact
A Certificate of Fact can bear the same properties as a Certificate of Good Standing and is available for both active and dissolved UK companies by providing an official status report on that entity.

Certificate of Fact Same Day
The same day Certificate of Fact service provides a high quality scanned copies and originals documents being sent usually within 24 hours.

Certificate of Fact Standard Service
The Certificate of Fact standard service provides scanned copies and original documents in approximately 5-7 days. Information required can be specified at the time of ordering.

Certificate of Good Standing
A Certificate of Good Standing from Companies House demonstrates compliance with past and current statutory requirements. Foreign Branches of UK Companies may require a certificate of compliance.

Certificate of Good Standing Express
The same day Certificate of Good Standing provides the official report from Companies House usually within 24 hours. It provides evidence that a company's affairs are up to date and in order.

Certificate of Good Standing Standard
We arrange for a Certificate of Good Standing to be prepared from Companies House. We will then despatch you official certificate to you anywhere in the world.

Certification of Incorporation Documents
Having a solicitor certify a company's incorporation documents provides evidence that the memorandum and articles of association and the certificate of incorporation are exact copies of the original items on record at Companies House.

Certified and Apostilled Documents
This service has a Solicitor certify the company's registration documents and then has them Apostilled by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office provide fully certified and legalised validation.

CH01 Change of Directors Details Person

CH02 Change of Corporate Director Details

CH03 Change of Secretary Details Person

CH04 Change of Corporate Secretary Details

Change Authorised Shares

Change of Company Name
Changing the name of a company using the express or standard service involves submitting a resolution to Companies House, who in turn, will issue a change of name certificate.

Change of Company Name
A Change of company name involves a special resolution requiring at least 75% of votes being in favour.

Change of Name Certificate
A Change of Name Certificate is issued by Companies House after a company has changed its name. A new company number is not however assigned, the old number is retained.

Change Registered Office

Changes to Authorised Share Capital
Changing the authorised share capital is a rarely used feature of the company administration system and should only be undertaken after careful consideration.

Changes to Director's Duties
The Companies Act 2006 preserves much of the case law defining director's duties. It relaxes the rules on transactions and loans with an individual company director.

Changing a Company By Guarantee To Shares
Forming the wrong type of company can occur. However, it is not possible to switch from a company limited by guarantee to one limited by shares or visa versa.

Changing the Company Registered Office Address
In situations where an alteration to the registered office address is required, the location should be in England, Wales or Scotland and be validated by the Royal Mail post code system.

Christmas and New Year 2013
Over the 2013 Christmas and New Year period our electronic company registration services will continue to operate. Manual procedures will also be available on selected days.

Clear Momentum Limited
Clear Momentum Limited bears the company number 09461732 and is part of the Complete Formations list of readymade UK companies available for sale.

Cloud Formation Limited
The inspirationally named UK ltd company Cloud Formation Limited set-up in December 2013 with company number 08807609 is a readymade company offered by Complete Formations.

Cloud Independence Limited
Cloud Independence Limited is a company Readily Set up dated in early 2016 provided by Complete Formations.

Combined London Mail Forwarding and Registered Office
For a truly complete package, our combined London mail forwarding and registered office address service from the Regent Street W1 office provides large savings.

Comment & Opinion
Comments and opinions on registering companies and the company formation process. Setting up a new business articles and discussion from Complete Formations.

Companies Act 2006
The Companies Act 2006 simplifies the process of setting up and registering a UK limited company, due in part, to the increased use of electronic company formation.

Companies Act Changes October 2009
Effective from 1st October 2009 the Companies Act 2006 enables the registration of Northern Ireland businesses through Companies House and protects director's personal home residences by allowing them to use service addresses instead of their home details.

Companies House
Companies House UK has offices in Cardiff, London and Edinburgh and authorises all company formation applications and submissions including 288a 288b forms via web filing.

Companies House Annual Returns

Companies House Authentication Codes
Companies House introduced authentication codes in order to ensure reduce the instances of unauthorised changes. The Form PR1 is used to set up and activate the code.

Companies House Dissolutions

Companies House Error
In rare cases, Companies House can allow two companies with the same name to be registered in error. Company formation agents can offer a free name change to the registrant.

Companies House Form 225
Companies House Form 225 is used to change the accounting reference date of a company. Form 225 is downloadable here and contains completion notes for filling it in.

Companies House Form 225

Companies House Form 287
Companies House Form 287 can be used to change the location of a company's registered office address. Download Form 287 with guidance of how to complete the document.

Companies House Form 287

Companies House Form 288a
Companies House Form 288a is used for the appointment of a director and or secretary of a company. Form 288a can be downloaded free together with simple completion notes.

Companies House Form 288a

Companies House Form 288b
Form 288b is a Companies House document used when a director or secretary is resigning. The Form 288a for resignation is available as a free downloadable PDF document.

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