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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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We found the different class of share options valuable in for our company. The process was easy to follow and complete in minutes. Stephen, Crawley.      

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Unlimited Companies
Unlimited companies are not often registered in the UK. They offer no form of limited liability and potentially can expose the shareholders personal assets and wealth.

Unpaid Shares
Unpaid shares are those for which no consideration has been received relating to their issue. The total amounts owing will be shown in the unpaid share capital account.


Users Guide for 1 October 2009 Provisions
This users guide details the main provisions effective on 1 October 2009 of the Companies Act 2006 and details the practical effects on limited company formation procedures.

Using a Dissolved Company Name
Dissolved company names can be re-registered when setting up a new UK company. When using a dissolved name the old and new companies will have different company numbers.

Using an Ampersand
Our system requires certain steps to be taken where a company name is to include the ampersand & symbol. The process is simple when carried out correctly.

Using an Ampersand (&) in a Company Name
Some UK company registration & formation systems do not recognise an ampersand (& = shift + 7) when carrying out a Companies House name search and truncate the chosen name.

Using PO Boxes
The use of PO Boxes is restricted for addresses of directors and secretaries and for company registered offices. When using a PO Box the rules relating to them need to be considered in order to avoid the registration application being rejected.

Valuation of Shares
A valuation of shares may occur when a ltd company is sold or when new share issues are taking place. Net asset, discounted earnings are some methods of valuing equity.

VAT Rates
There are three main rates of VAT applicable in the UK. These are standard, reduced and zero rated. Supplies which are exempt or outside the scope do not appear on the VAT return.

VAT Registration
Mandatory and voluntary are two means by which a business may register for VAT. The latter is when a company opts for VAT registration even though they are not obliged to do so.

Wafers for Company Seals
Embossing wafers are the perfect accompaniment for our range of company seals providing an easy to apply wafer in red or gold colouring for just 4.49 for a 10 wafer packet.

Webfiling & Proof Schemes
Registered and signing with the Companies House Webfiling and Proof Schemes can cause confusion for many people. This article outlines the procedure and provides a downloadable illustration of the steps involved.

Welsh Company Formation
Companies House allows incorporations to state that they are Welsh. A Welsh company formation requires that the articles state that the registered office is in Wales.

What Happens if I Change My Mind about Forming a Company?
In rare circumstances some might decide that company formation is not the course they wish to pursue. Our fair policy statement ensures that visitors know our arrangements for such situations.

What is a Reserved Word?
Reserves and sensitive words have restrictions placed on them so that they are only when appropriate. Proposals to use such words in a company name require justification to be provided.

What You Receive - Complete Formations
Complete Formations provide full company incorporation services for under 25. All up to date legal documents and certificates are included in our prices.

When a Director also acts as Company Secretary
A director may also act as the secretary if there is another director in the company. In cases where there is only one director another person or company must act as the secretary.

Who can be a Company Director?
Who can be a company director? The rules governing who can become a director of a UK limited company are laid down in the Companies Act 2006 and enforced by Companies House.

Why Choose Us?
Complete Formations aims to provide our customers with good value products and services. Our experience of registering over 30,000 UK companies enables us to offer business incorporation services which everyone can be proud of.

Why Incorporate a Dormant Company?
There are a number of reasons why people choose to incorporate dormant companies. The most common motivation is to protect the company name and prevent others from using it.

Why Register a Company in an Emerging Country?
Emerging countries such as India, the Czech Republic and China present significant future business opportunities for both local entrepreneurs and those from developed regions. The registering of companies in these areas is anticipated to increase as the number of people working for themselves grows.

Will Companies House Offer Electronic Company Formations?
The replacement of the Companies House mainframe computer system has been suggested by some to be a prelude to them providing company formation services to the general public. This article examines whether there is substance to such speculation or whether it is just standard computer maintenance.

Winter Magic Limited
Winter Magic Limited is a UK registered readymade company created towards the end of November 2012 with company number 08306661.

York Street Mail Forwarding and Registered Office Renewal
York Street Mail Forwarding and Registered Office Renewal

York Street Mail Forwarding Renewal
York Street Mail Forwarding Renewal

York Street Registered Office Renewal
York Street Registered Office Renewal


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