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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Company Formations
24 hour company formations can not be occur because Companies House operates only during normal business hours. Registering a company out of office hours.


A Leap of Faith
Setting up a new business will test self motivation and commercial abilities. Starting a new business requires a leap of faith in to the unknown and putting ideas in to practice.

A Modern Companies Act for Today's Business
The affect of the Companies Act 2006 will modernise both the incorporation and workings of UK limited businesses. In addition to providing a modern structure and constitution, such as the abolition of private limited company secretaries, it will also address some aspects of fraud.

A World Apart Limited
A World Apart Limited was registered in June 2017 and forms one of the Complete Formations list of off-the shelf companies available for purchase.

Access Coding Limited
The ready made company Access Coding Limited is available for purchase as one the dormant off the shelf companies from Complete Formations.

Accountancy Services
In addition to forming a company Complete Formations can help customers in other ways, including bookkeeping and other accountancy services.

Accounting Reference Date
An accounting reference date is used to determine when a company's financial year will end. The ARD date can be changed by using Form 225 and submitting it to Companies House.

Accounting Reference Dates
Companies might choose to change their accounting reference dates to one which is more convenient, if they are part of a group or have particular periods of busy trading.

Accounting Year End Date
Every company must submit a set of annual accounts made up to its accounting year end date. There are two factors which determine the date of companies accounting year ends.

Administrative Company Restoration Services
Our administrative company restoration services enable the legal restoring of a company which has been dissolved within six years of the date of the application.

Age of a Company Director
The minimum age of a company director of a UK company is generally 16 years. Directors of companies in England and Wales but not Scotland may be below this age.

Alien Limited
Alien Limited is a Complete Formations ready made company which was incorporated on 12 November 2009 and is available for purchase off the shelf bearing company number 07074720.

All In Good Time Limited
All In Good Time Limited was incorporated using Complete Formations company registration services in January 2016 and is available for sale as a ready made limited company.

All That Jazz Ltd
The ready made company All That Jazz Ltd was incorporated on 24 January 2011 and has a total issued share capital of a single pound, registered by Complete Formations.

Ampersand Change

An Introduction to VAT
Understanding the principles of VAT can help businesses account for the tax correctly. Valued Added Tax must be charged on the sale of most UK goods and services.

Annual Return - Form AR01
The New AR01 Annual Return can be completed both online and via the downloadable PDF documents. This article highlights the various sections of the ARO1 form and provides information on when and how to complete it.

Annual Return Download

Annual Return Form AR01

Apostille and Notary Services
Company documents apostilled, notarised, legalised and certified on the same day by Solicitor, Notary Public and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Apostille services for foreign branches and overseas companies requiring certification of incorporation, good standing and memorandum and articles of association.

Apostilled Certificate of Good Standing
Express 48 hour Apostilled Certificate of Good Standing service with emailed copies and originals posted anywhere in the world. Part of the Complete Formations legalisation facilities.

Apostillised and Notarised Documents
Certified by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and a Notary Public, this service provides evidence of a company's good standing and incorporation.

Appealing Against a Late Filing Fee
It is possible to appeal against a Companies House late filing fee incurred as a result of not submitting accounts on time. There would have to be special circumstances in order for an appeal to succeed.


Applying for Company Dissolution
An application to have a company dissolved is submitted on Form DS01 together the Companies House fee. The Registrar of Companies will acknowledge receipt by sending notification to the registered office.

Appointing a Company
When appointing a company as a director, secretary or shareholder the correct box should be ticked. Details of the person authorising the company to act must be given.

Appointing a Company Director or Secretary
Appointing a director or secretary using paper form 288a or the online electronic method. Companies House must be notified of any new company directors and secretaries.

Appointing a Person to Your Company
When appointing a person to your company the appropriate option should be selected. Details of the person should then be supplied along with answers to the security questions which act as the online signature.

Appointing Company

Appointing Person

Appointment Type


Archive Company Formations Data
Archive data of company formations in England and Wales and Scotland for the period February 2006 to September 2009 on a monthly basis.

Are Companies House Fees Included in your Prices?
Our company incorporations from Complete Formations include Companies House fees and other costs. Our all inclusive prices show exactly how much our packages cost.

Art Unlimited Ltd
The pre-registered UK limited company Art Unlimited Ltd can offer an immediate artistic presence to a new business and compliment any future creative activities.

Ashley Artistics Limited
This ready made company was registered 8th August 2011 with one share being issued. The company number is 07732065 and it is available for sale by Complete Formations.

Authorised Shares
Authorised shares are the amount of shares a UK company is allowed to issue in total. It is possible to increase or decrease the amount of a company's authorised figure.

Authorising Company

Barclays Business Banking
Providing Barclays business bank account introductions to our specialist Business Accounts Mangers. This is a free service for company business banking facilities.

Being Your Own Boss
Being your own boss is an ambition of many working people. Bill Harding gives his opinion on the journey from being employed to starting a new business and registering a UK limited company

Belize Offshore Companies
Belize offshore companies provide both low initial incorporation fees and annual registration costs, making them a popular choice of location for those considering an offshore company formation.

Better Shopping Limited
Better Shopping Limited is a readymade ltd company formed in November 2012 bearing registration number 08297780. This sought after name is available to purchase from Complete Formations.

Bird in the Bush Limited
Bird in the Bush Limited is available for sale. This ready made company was registered in early 2016 by Complete Formations and can be transferred to a new owner on the same day.

Book of Share Certificates
A complete book of 25 share certificates which companies can issue to fully paid up shareholders. This provides an official record and recognition of a holding in a company.

Bright Vision Consultancy Limited
Bright Vision Consultancy Limited is an off-the-shelf limited company formed on 28/02/2014 with an aggregate share capital of one pound registered in the England and Wales Jurisdiction.

Bully For You Limited
Bully For You Limited was incorporated in late 2015 and is currently an off the shelf dormant company with a single issued share. It bears company number 08297764.

Business Names
Business names are sometimes used by companies in addition to their official title. Certain sensitive names can require permission from the Secretary of State before they can be used.

Business Now Limited
The unique name of Business Now Limited is a ready made company. As a dormant company is was incorporated on 10/10/2011 with registration number 07802903.

Business Start Up Accountants Limited
Business Start Up Accountants Limited is a ready made company formed by Complete Formations on 19 December 2008 with company number 06777608.


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