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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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Company Pre-registration Details


Within the pre-registration section there are essentially five options, some of which are mandatory and others which will be rarely used.

A description follows of each of these items and the circumstances in which they should be used.

Change Registered Office

Only perform this task when necessary.

When entering the pre-registration page, the registered office shown on the right hand side will be the address which the purchaser supplied as their contact details.

If this location is to be used as the company registered office address then no action is required here to change it.

If an alternative premise is to be used, then this can be entered by clicking on the “change registered office address” link. Full details about this feature can be found here.

Change Authorised Shares Capital

This task is optional and very rarely used.

The default authorised share capital is set to 1000 shares of £1 each, but this can be changed if it is necessary to issue more than this number on incorporation of a company.

For most companies 1000 shares is more than sufficient for them to get started and this limit can be increased at any time which a resolution.

When a change in the denomination or the number is needed before the company is set-up, details of how to perform this action is contained here.

Appoint New Director, Secretary and Subscriber

This task is essential in all situations and failure to complete this stage will result in a failed company formation. There are no exceptions.

Details of how to fill in this section of company administration is contained here.

Change Company Name

The facility is not usually used.

The part of the administration section is again rarely used and is only utilised where the purchaser decides to choose an alternative name for their company or where the original one contains a spelling error.

When the name of the company is altered, a new search is automatically carried out to verify that the new choice is available.

Change Company Type

Extreme caution should be exercised here if this feature is to be used.

By default your company will limited by shares as shown towards to top right hand side of the pre-registration details page.

Changing to either a PLC or a company limited by guarantee can be effected within this section, but again, you should be fully aware of the implications of such an alteration.

Before initiating the change you should first read the following articles:

It is important that if the type of company is changed it should be displayed as such on the top right hand side of the pre-registration page.

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