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New Years Resolutions & Company Formation


This Year Will be Different

It is that time again, January, the period when everyone makes New Year resolutions and vow to give-up, take-up or change some aspect of their lives.

For some people, the promise to improve their lives will take the form of setting up a UK limited company as a means to starting a new business.

The intensions might be good, the conviction strong and the finances (all of £24.99) ready, but still the promise of self employment and company directorship will escape a lot of people who incorporate a company on or soon after 2nd January 2013.

Reality Vs Dreaming

The reason why January is traditionally one of the busiest times for company formation agents  are largely due to the above desire people acquire over the holiday period to embark on something new.

The typical surrounding where this manifests itself is in the midst of dreading the return to work, surrounded by comforting friends and family and asking questions about what the year ahead holds in store.

This typically spurs people on to register a company as the first decisive step of actioning their plans. Although a company can be set-up in less than three hours, a sustainable business can not, and even with an incorporated company, the prospect of operating the business full time is still a long way off.

Ambitions Slowly Dwindle

So what happens? The return to work in the first week of January is hectic, not all cultures or people cease business activities over the traditional Christmas period.

There is a mountain of post, telephone calls to be returned and the general physical and mental struggle to get back in to gear and up to speed almost from a standing start.

The first three or four days of work go by fast and by the weekend the energy, enthusiasm and drive which existed previously has gone and all that is wanted at the weekend is rest.

Like so many New Years resolutions which are borne in the holiday period, the ambition of registering a company and then using it for personal job satisfaction can be a short lived event.

The day when a person takes serious steps to give up work by forming a company might well be in the middle of the summer or at any time during the year. Just whenever the time is right and the decision is concluded in a moment of calm in the everyday environment.

The chances of successful transition, assuming the business model works may be exponentially higher in these situations.

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