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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
Feedback :
The last company I formed cost me 250 pounds with my accountant. I thought the process required specialist knowledge and skills. I now know just how simple it is. Joseph, Dorchester.      

Managed VAT Registration Service Form


Thank you for choosing our Managed VAT Registration Services.

In order to ensure we have all the required information and to maximise the chances of a straight-forward submission and accepted, we ask that you fill in the form below.

Please provide as much details as possible and ensure that all of the relevant sections are completed.

Some questions have guidance notes below the form itself to aid you in understand what is required for a particular part.

* Fields are mandatory  
Managed VAT Registration Service Form
Personal Details
 Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms): *  
 Your Name: *  
 Telephone Number (Home & Mobile): *  
 Email Address: *  
Business Details
 Type of Business (1) (Limited Company, Sole Trader. Partnership or LLP): *  
 Business Name: *  
 Incorporation Number (2):   
 Date of Incorporation (2):   
 Incorporation Country (3):   
 Trading Name (4):   
Business Contact Details
 Business Post Code: *  
 Business Address: *  
 Website URL:   
Business Activities
 Main Business Activity (Provide a comprehensive description): *  
 Previous Partner or Director Status (5):   
Bank Details
 Name of Bank (6): *  
 Name on Account:   
 Sort Code:   
 Account Number:   
Trading Status
 Are you currently trading? (Yes/No, if no, when will trading start?): *  
Projected Sales/ Purchases
 Estimated Sales in the next 12 months: *  
 Estimated amount of purchases from EU countries in the next 12 months (excluding UK):   
 Estimated amount of sales to EU countries in the next 12 months (excluding UK):   
Other Information
 Home Address (if different from the business address):   
 Previous Address (if you have not lived at the above for more than 3 years):   
 Date of Birth: *  
 National Insurance (UK residence only) (7) Either a UK National Insurance Number or a Non UK Personal Tax Identify Number MUST be given for the VAT application to be made.:   
 Tax Identification Number and Country of origin (if non UK resident) (7) Either a UK National Insurance Number or a Non UK Personal Tax Identify Number MUST be given for the VAT application to be made.:   
 Your Role in the Business (director, secretary, adviser): *  
Code: *


(1) Please state whether you will be in business as a sole trader, partnership or limited company.

(2) This applies only if you wish to register a limited company for VAT.

(3) State whether your company (if applicable) was incorporated in England and Wales or in Scotland.

(4) If you will trade under a name which is different from that of your business name, please provide that trading name.

(5) If you have been a partner or director in a business or company in the last 2 years, please give the business name, VAT registration number and indicate if the entity is still trading.

(6) If a business bank account has not yet been opened please state this fact.

(7) Please ensure that you have provide either a National Insurance number if UK resident or a personal tax reference number and the name of the issuing country if you are resident abroad.

Your VAT application can not be submitted until this information is provided.

Do not hesitate to contact us should be you require any assistance or have any questions on the responses which are necessary.

As soon as we receive the form we will check the information and begin the process of applying for your VAT registration number.


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