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HSBC Business Direct - Transaction Limits


The Business Direct account from HSBC is a small business bank account which can help newly formed companies enjoy up to 18 months free banking.

The account is applicable to businesses which has an annual turnover of less than £500,000. In addition, customers should be aware that transaction limits do apply to this account and these are detailed below:

Key Features and Transaction Limits

Business Banking item Details of allowance, charge,  or restriction
Monthly account maintenance charge No charges
Credit paid electronically in to the account No charges
Payments made from the account using telephone banking facilities No charges
Money withdrawn via an ATM (See note 1) A charge of 2% applies on all withdrawals over £1000 per month
Cheques paid from the account No charge on the first 20 cheques deposited each month. A charge of £1 per cheques applies thereafter.
Direct Debit payments from the account (including returned direct debits) No Charge
Payment made online using internet business banking facilities No Charge
Standing orders from the account No Charge
Payments made using a business bank account Maestro card No Charge
Other payments and withdrawals from the account No Charge
Cheques paid in to the account via the HSBC branch network There is no charge for the first 20 cheques each month which are paid in. A 75 pence per item charge is made thereafter.
Cash deposited at a HSBC branch or machine (See note 2) A charge of 2% is applied to the amount paid in.
Cash withdrawals from a HSBC branch (See note 2) There is a "% fee payable on the amount of cash withdrawn.


  • Note 1: The above threshold applies to cash machines situated in the United Kingdom. Cash withdrawn using third party dispensers may incur a charge levied by that ATM operator.
  • Note 2: Cash deposits and withdrawals are not part of the Business Direct account package and therefore will incur the above charges.
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