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Why Register a Company in an Emerging Country?


The popularity of registering a company in the UK continues to increase. The relatively simple requirements and processes which registrants must undergo compared to other European counties, makes it a preferred option amongst many who are seeking to go in to business.

Whilst not a top priority in the current day, the possibilities present in emerging countries such as India, the Czech Republic and China are beginning to attract a significant audience.


India is a strong candidate which presents opportunities for the future. The emergence of strong computer based industries has created wealth and although this was initially for just of few of its citizens, the financial gains are beginning to spread.

On the basis that this continues to happen, the developed world’s thirst for cheaper labour might facilitate the release of some of the employees to work for themselves and to become their own bosses. Provided the structures and means to create companies emerge at the same time, the increase in officially recognised businesses would by all accounts mirror the significant increase in entrepreneurs.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic which became a member of the European Union in May 2004 has witnessed significant interest from all quarters especially in its capital city Prague. The capital city has played host to the British people seeking a first or second home in this quaint and beautiful city and to those choosing this destination for a holiday.

The affect is this spending has created a far more vibrant local economy which is always a good breading ground for new business people. Registering a company in this emerging country is a natural by-product and the question is more when this happens and not if.


China the largest consumer block in the World is continuing its moves towards to market economic model and with it, brings plentiful opportunities for developed countries and local entrepreneurs alike.

Many commentators believe that full transition will not occur without some periods of turmoil and therefore any opportunities to register a company in the region might be weighted against this backdrop.

On the basis that China fulfils its promise and becomes one of the largest and most advanced and open industrial nations in the world, the opportunities to conduct business in the region should be plentiful.

Preparing for Emerging Countries

A number of UK company formation agents and those from other countries have already begun to make preparations for the anticipated demand for incorporated entities in some of these areas. Complete Formations is among them.

It is intended to publish a library of formation agents in the above and other areas and to provide specific advice and resources on registering a company in these emerging countries.

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