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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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I see that you already have testimonials complimenting your company formation system, and rightly so, it's superb.      

Dormant Companies - The Facts


We sometimes receive enquiries from customers regarding the forming and maintenance of dormant companies which follow similar lines as the extract below:

The Question

“Thanks - REALLY sorry about so many questions!

Am about to process through you guys - what is holding me back is looking at other (similar) organisations to yours who seem to have different approaches - and I'm struggling to see the real differences (or I don't understand them!).

Name of alternative dormant company formation agent (actual name removed).
Can you advise on how these differ from yours - as it has me a little confused. Is the ONLY difference that they charge for doing the Companies House returns (are they that difficult?) and they 'hold' the company details/address.
They also seem to charge when you decide you want to start trading - I assume to swap over directors and so on. Is that necessary?

Just want to work out the easiest option - yours seems 'too good to be true' in that sense - or is there something I'm missing?
Best wishes

Name withheld”

We wrote the following response:

The Response

“Most people are more than capable of submitting their Confirmation Statement online. All that is required is for customers to confirm the information Companies House already hold on the company.

These are the details of the registered office, the director(s) and the shares in issue, nothing more.

In any case, should a customer run in to any problems at all, they can always phone Companies House who will help them, for free! The number is 0303 1234500.

There you have it. A dormant company is very straight-forward incorporation. Companies House provide simple to use online facilities for the submission of both the Confirmation Statement (cost £13) and the dormant company accounts (free of charge).

That is all that is needed.

The Facts

All of our UK company formation packages are suitable to be used as dormant companies. Our Qoppa Package is a good solution and costs just £59.99.
Once a year (stating 12 months after the date of incorporation) you can submit the Confirmation Statement via the Companies House website and pay the Government fee of £34. This is the same fee that every UK company, trading or dormant, pays for their Confirmation Statement.

You choose the director(s) and Shareholder(s) at the time of the incorporation and thus you have full and unequivocal ownership of the company from day one.

You do not have to buy it back from us or pay us to hold it or to transfer it to you at some later date.

Once a year (starting 21 months from the date of formation, you are required to submit accounts. Again Companies House provide the online facility for dormant companies (DCA Form) which is a completely free service.

There are guidance notes for filling in the few required entries and a helpline number is available if needed.

Complete Formations - providing honest solutions for our customers.

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