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A Leap of Faith - A Story of Starting a New Business Part 2


Written by Bill Harding.

Religion in Setting up a Business

Setting up a new business has been likened in some respects to a leap of faith. When starting a business your future income levels will largely be unknown, your abilities for self-motivation will be tested in new ways as the only person watching you will be you. Your commercial savvy will truly be exposed and you will soon find out whether you could have in fact done well on the Apprentice.

Starting a New Business - A Ray of Hope?

Whilst the scenarios depicted present a bleak picture and if you feel your stomach churning, you're probably thinking that starting a new business is a silly idea. You will do what you have always done when you thought about quitting work and setting up as your own boss, forget about it, put it to one side and grin and bear it again on Monday morning.

Becoming One in a Million

Consider though, the millions of people who run small businesses in the UK. How did they start? Some inherited businesses from family, some started a business because it was the only option (they may have left school without any qualifications), but a large proportion, started a business from exactly the same position you are in right now. The difference is that they took the leap. You will put your ideas to one side, again, or will you?

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