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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
Feedback :
Thank you for the information and help in forming my first company. UK companies are much easier to incorporate than the ones in Germany and your site gave me all the guidance and answered all my questions. I will recommend you to others. Hans, Germany.      

Regent Street Registered Office


Regent Street Registered Office
Regent Street Registered Office
Our Price  :£97.99  Saving 30% 

As part of this service, we will forward to you (at no extra costs) all statutory post from Companies House and the Inland Revenue on the day we receive it.

Using our prestigious London Regent Street registered office address means that you can keep your home address free from the barrage of junk mail and avoids having to have your home as a publicly disclosed registered office which might lead to unannounced visitors.

Quantity  : 

Regent Street is known the world over as one of the most exclusive addresses in Central London. At a junction with the famous Oxford Street, this sought location is a perfect residence for your company’s registered office.

Exclusive Address

How is the service set-up?

Following purchase confirmation we can email you a Form AD01 (previously Form 287) which you complete send to the Companies House. The address is contained on the form. Alternatively, if you use Webfiling or have registered the company through Complete Formations you can change the registered office address online.

Using Webfiling or our online company administration facilities can ensure that the change is made on the same day.

As soon as we receive payment confirmation we add both the purchaser and the company to our registered office system so that documents received are recognised and dispatched to you as soon as they are allocated to you.

Your Company / Business Name
Third Floor
207 Regent Street

Do I need to inform my old registered office address?

This is not necessary although if a fee is being paid to them, then you should arrange for such payments to cease. As soon as Companies House has recorded you new address any documents sent by either them or Revenue and Customs will be directed to your new registered office.

What about renewal fees?

Renewal fees are payable annual and you will receive notification via email when this is due.

Our Fair Tade Policy: We have a policy of not charging our existing customers a higher price than any special offer which we might introduce for new customers. The renewal fee is therefore capped at £79.99 + VAT but may be lower if we reduce the price or the service or have a special offer at the time of renewal.

Choose Your London Regent Street Services

  Regent Street Registered Office London Mail Forwarding Combined London Mail Forwarding and Registered Office
Prestigious Regent Street Address
Mail Forwarded Statutory post from Companies House and Revenue & Customs Business post from customers, suppliers, bank and so on. All mail, both Statutory and Business post.
Same Day Forwarding of Mail
Efficient Sorting and Postage Systems
Postage Costs Included in the price Charged at Royal Mail cost. No charges for statutory items. Business mail charged at Royal Mail cost.
Postage Deposit None £20 £20
Handling Fees None None None
Set-up Costs None None None
Use Address on Business Letters and Website
Yearly Price £97.99 £159.99 £199.99
Next Years Price £79.99 £159.99 £189.99

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