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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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Thank you for the information and help in forming my first company. UK companies are much easier to incorporate than the ones in Germany and your site gave me all the guidance and answered all my questions. I will recommend you to others. Hans, Germany.      

Company Restoration Services


Compete Formations provide simply and effective company restoration services ensuring that all information and obligations are met so that the restoring of a dissolved UK company takes place smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Whether the company has been struck off due to outstanding Annual Returns or company accounts or was intentionally put in to dissolution we will provide an analysis of which items need to be brought up to date and initiate the company restoration so that the whole process is a smooth one.

Administrative Company Restoration Services
Administrative Company Restoration Services
Our Price  :£799.99  Saving 45% 
Our qualified team will prepare all of the documentation required for an administered company restoration and provide you with report of any outstanding filing requirements of the company.

Once the application for restoring your company has been made we will continue to monitor and advise you of the progress and provide you with confirmation when the company has been restored.
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Restoring a Company vs. Setting up a New Entity

The main advantage of restoring a company versus setting up a new entity in the same name is that up restoration the company is deemed to have been in existence since its original incorporation date.

The previous dissolution of the company would be judged to not have taken place and the company’s records would present a picture of an unbroken corporate presence uninterrupted by the dissolution.

Restoring a company can enable the original business to continue any existing contacts or work which it had prior to dissolution. The company number would be unchanged as would the company name provided that a similar name has not been registered in the interim.

Types of Company Restoration

The procedures for restoring a company fall within two categories: Administrative Restoration and Restoration by Court Order.

Complete Formations can provide both facilities although the service provided on this page is for an administrative restoration.

Companies which have been dissolved for less than six years from the date of making the application can begin the process of restoring it under the Companies Act 2006 by the administrative option.

Whether or not the company is actually restored is at the discretion of the registrar of Companies and usually on condition that all outstanding filing requirements are satisfied together with the payment of fees and any late filing penalties.

Should Companies House determine that company restoration is inappropriate for the given entity the second option of restoring the company by court order then becomes the means which can be pursued.

This is by far the more expensive option and would typically involve Solicitors time coating several thousands of pound as well as court and registrar’s fees. Before proceeding restoring a company using the court order option strong consideration should be given as to whether the benefits of restoration outweigh the costs and time typically required in utilising this option.

We would ask that you contact us for a quotation for our services for restoring a company by court order. Our legal team have extensive knowledge and experience in procedures and requirements for satisfying the Companies Act regulations for this type of restoration.


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