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Regent Street Registered Office
Regent Street Registered Office
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Central London Registered Office


Complete Formation provides a prestigious London registered office address at Regent Street, Central London W1 near Oxford Circus for a cost just £97.99 for a whole year with no postage or other charges to pay.

As the premier registered office location in London this address provides streamlined sorting and distribution systems that ensures that statutory mail is delivered to the intended recipients.

A registered office is a location which is known as a company’s official residence. The situation of the address is recorded at Companies House and will be used to send all statutory documents to the company.

Every UK Limited Company is required to have a registered office at all times during its existence. In order to incorporate a company, it is a mandatory requirement that a registered office address is specified at the time of formation.

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Third Floor, 207 Regent Street

£97.99 Per Year

Regent Street London

Business Trading Address

Because a registered office location is not the same as a trading address we provide comprehensive mail forwarding services which cover both statutory post and business mail.

Whilst it is certainly possible for a company to have its official statutory address at a different location from that which it trades, many businesses choose our catch all combined packages because they provide piece of mind.

In the common situation where mail is sent to one of our London registered offices in error, with our combined regent Street and York Street packages this eventuality is fully catered for and all post would be immediately sent on to the intended destination.

Change of Registered Office Address

A company can change its registered office at anytime by making the application online or by using the Form AD01 (previously Form 287).

Form AD01 should note the new location of the registered office and be signed by a company director or secretary. The completed document should be sent to the registrar of Companies for approval and implementation.

Changing a registered office address online is generally much faster and takes approximately 1 - 2 hours to be confirmed by Companies House. We provide free online facilities to customers who have registered their company through us.

Once the change of registered office application has been approved, the old address is still valid for a period of fourteen days. During this time, the company should retain the facility to access any statutory mail sent there.

Using a Home Address as a Registered Office

The choice of whether or not to use a home address as a registered office would depend on individual preference.

The desire to avoid receiving unsolicited junk mail usually is an important consideration which might result in the conclusion that it is better to use one of our London registered office addresses.

A further consideration which can affect the decision is that having a publicly disclosed registered office might lead to unannounced visitors to the home, which at best might be inconvenient.

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