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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
Feedback :
The last company I formed cost me 250 pounds with my accountant. I thought the process required specialist knowledge and skills. I now know just how simple it is. Joseph, Dorchester.      

Company Name Search


A company name search is a free feature available to those who want to register a UK limited company. Complete Formations provide a fully functional company name check facility that interrogates all relevant databases and returns a simple yes or no result on whether that particular name can be used in a new company formation application.

The Complete Formations free company name search is can be used entirely without obligation and does not require you to have to register any details before or after. It also does not make any purchase of a company mandatory and subject to the website terms and conditions, can be used to extensively for checking company names on numerous occasions.

Use our Free Name Search

Company Name Check Results Screen

The company name check results screen presents information on whether that particular term is available to use. Also on that page will be displayed a list of our UK company formation packages which might be of interest to our visitors.

Whether consideration is being given to registering dormant companies or fully equipped packages such as the Omega company formations, all incorporation products represent good value for money and include the all important Companies House authentication code for added corporate security and personal piece of mind.

The Complete Formations free company name search facility allows customers to simply select the package of their choice and to continue the company set-up process without having to start another name check or re-enter any details.

We recommend that you bookmark this page and refer to it on any future occasion where you wish to check company name availability.

Entering Information in the Company Name Search

It is important that when entering details in the company name search that the spelling and any punctuation is entered correctly. The service will interpret accurately the information which in input and therefore user errors will not be highlighted by the name checking system which relies on the correct information being entered.

Company Name is not Available

In the event that the chosen company is not available, it is a simple procedure to check an alternative choice. By clicking on “search again”, the visitor is presented with a box where another choice can be entered.

Companies House Discretion over Names

It should be noted that there is a discretionary element to company name searches which falls within the prevue of Companies House. They are bound by certain rules and guidelines which govern the suitability of a suggested name even if it has not been used by a business entity at the time the search is initiated.

A positive result presented by the free company name check does not therefore guarantee that it will be accepted if it is put forward for use as part of a company registration submission.

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Free Company Name Search

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