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Company Name Change Standard
Company Name Change Standard
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Company Name Change Express
Company Name Change Express
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Company Formation is now even easier!
1. Company Directors can protect their home address details.
2. You are no longer required to have a Company Secretary.
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I have registered companies before. Not only was yours the simplest website to understand, the process was so easy. Thanks you. Simon, Wales.      

Change of Company Name


It is possible for a company to change its name by passing a special resolution at a shareholders meeting or by writing to state their agreement.

Standard and Express Services

There are two kinds of name change service which are available. The standard application takes approximately five days for Companies House to execute from the time they receive the required documentation.

In addition to the standard company name change, there is also an express service which will process applications on the same day provided they are received before 3 PM.

Requirements for the Change

An application for changing a company’s name must contain the special resolution (as evidence that at least 75% of eligible votes were in favour of the motion).

The Companies House fee of either £8 for the standard or £50 for the express service should be included, together with a revised copy of the memorandum and articles of association.

Change of Name Certificate

A change of name certificate is the official confirmation that Companies House have approved and effected the change.

On successfully changing its name, a company is not issued with a new certificate of incorporation as is something thought.

The original incorporation document together with the certificate of name change demonstrates the history of the company and is used together.

Changing a Companies Status

A company name change should not be confused with an alteration in its status.

The transition of say, a private limited company to a PLC and the resultant change in the ending of the name, does not constitute a company name change.

In such circumstances, removing the word limited and replacing it with PLC is a change in status which requires distinct and separate procedures. A change from a limited company to a PLC can not be effected by merely changing the company’s name.

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