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A Subscriber is the original and first shareholder of a limited company. It is possible and indeed quite common for there to be several persons and / or companies who are listed as subscribers during the incorporation of the business.

Current regulations state that at the time a company is formed, at least one share in it must be issued in order for it to be accepted for registration.

Details of the subscribers are included in the documents sent to Companies House either electronically or on Form IN01 Previously Form 10 and 12. The information provided includes the name, address and holding each will have.

The subscribers just like other company shareholders are required to pay for their shares however in practice, it might be several months before the equity becomes fully paid up and in some cases might remain unpaid until the business is wound up.

The majority of new companies formed usually issue shares in £1 denominations and therefore the subscribers would be required to pay £1 for each unit allocated to them.

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