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Minutes of Meetings


Company Meetings

Minutes of meetings are used by companies to document their proceeding at meetings. The level of formality present in the minutes will depend on the ethos of the company and the rules dictated to its particular set of memorandum and articles of association.

Regardless of their exact format, company minutes are essentially a list of events which occurred at a given meeting. They would briefly describe the matters discussed and voted upon at the conference and detail the outcomes of the votes on each item voted on.

Statutory Books

Company minutes form part of the company's statutory books and similar to other items contained in the records, must be available for public inspection provided the appropriate notice is provided.

Minutes of Special Resolutions

Minutes which document ordinary and special resolutions usually accompany the relevant documents to Companies House for approval. Examples of resolutions are: an increase in the authorised share capital of a company, a resolution to issue additional classes of share in a company and so on.

Minute of Meetings Recording Attendance

In addition to providing evidence and a record of company proceedings, minutes also serve as an attendance record to show which directors, other company officers and shareholders were present at each meeting. They may also state whether each person was physically present or was communicating via the telephone or some other means.

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